Turbocharger Parts and working principle


Turbocharger Parts and working principle.

Turbocharging is driven by the exhaust gases from the engine. The turbine consists of two parts, one is the fresh air supercharging end (compression pump wheel), and the other is the exhaust gas driving end (exhaust gas turbine). The pressure trigger (Wastegate) is located on the exhaust gas turbine side. When the compression turbine pressure is too high, the pressure will push the trigger to open the valve of the exhaust gas turbine and reduce the air pressure to prevent overcharging.

The support of the turbine wheel shaft is the bearing design inside the bushing, which can be divided into ball bearings and floating bearings. The rotational power of the turbocharger wheel comes from the exhaust gas. The exhaust gas drives the turbine, and on the other side of the turbine, the blades compress the air. The turbocharger housing is made of nickel, chromium and silicon alloy, and the shaft is made of chromium and molybdenum alloy. More importantly, the turbocharger works under high temperature and high speed conditions. In order to ensure its normal operation, oil and coolant are introduced into the turbocharger to ensure effective lubrication and cooling and improve working conditions. 

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